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While some drug charges are misdemeanors, other drug charges that involve more serious factors can be elevated to a felony. Whether your charges involved methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD, prescription drugs, or another type of controlled substance, talk to a Mississippi drug crime attorney at the Miller Law Offices for proven defense against any drug charge.

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Keith Miller has personally handled over 10,000 cases, tackling many charges all the way to a jury trial. Inside and outside of court, he has the litigation skills and courtroom savvy to defend you.

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Felony Drug Crime Penalties

Penalties for drug crimes are typically assessed based on:

  • Type of drug and classification
  • Amount
  • Past convictions
  • What you intended to do with drug

Penalties for drug crimes are harsh and carry long prison sentences as well as hefty fines. In some cases, you may be serving, 10, 20, or even more years in prison, depending on the circumstances of your charges.

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We can help you fight your drug charges involving:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacture
  • Drug sale
  • Drug distribution, smuggling, delivery

When you are facing serious drug charges, you need a former prosecutor with a proven track record. Keith Miller of our firm knows how prosecutors operate, how law enforcement officials investigate, and the shortcuts that they often take when reaching for a conviction. Our Mississippi drug crime attorney can look into whether your Constitutional Rights were violated, find ways to undermine presented evidence, and push to get illegally obtained evidence against you thrown out. Whatever it takes, we are committed to fighting for the best possible outcome.

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